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DynDOLOD - Dynamic Distant Objects LOD
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Replaced Full Model - Example Azura Statue

If a mod replaces full models of statues like Azura without including updated object LOD models, the generated object LOD will not match anymore.

In these cases creating a custom mesh mask rule to use the full model for object LOD is an acceptable option, because the object is only used once, so the increased triangle count does not matter much. Textures for statues are usually not tiled, so the updated full texture can be automatically added to the object LOD texture atlas as well. The performance impact is minimal.

Use More Informative Console to easily determine the path and filename of the full model for the mesh mask rule.

Mesh maskclutter\statues\shrineofazura01.nif
LOD Level 4Full
LOD Level 8Full
LOD Level 16Full
LOD Level 32None
GridFarLOD or FarFull

Add a rule like above somewhere before the last '\' rule by right clicking into the mesh rule window and selecting insert. Typically the setting for Grid is irrelevant since the statue has object LOD only.

In case the new full model uses features that are not supported by object LOD (ENB lights for example), create a mesh mask rule that sets object LOD to None, so that dynamic LOD is used instead. Unfortunately this means no representation on the map.

Mesh maskclutter\statues\shrineofazura01.nif
LOD Level 4None
LOD Level 8None
LOD Level 16None
LOD Level 32None
GridFarFull or NeverFadeFull

Preferable mods should ship with updated LOD assets or include mesh mask rules as explained in Mod Authors.