3D Tree LOD Model

3D tree LOD or hybrid tree LOD models are optional LOD assets for ultra tree LOD generation.

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode allows to control certain LOD generation options.

Clean Save

When updating DynDOLOD output from scratch or when switching from PapyrusUtil to DynDOLOD DLL or vice versa for an existing save game, a clean save should be created.

Command Line Argument

A command line argument is a parameter that is added after the executable name to pass information to it.

Dynamic LOD

Dynamic LOD is an optional type of LOD by DynDOLOD for objects that change state based on quests like military tents or ships and animated objects like waterfalls or fires or glow LOD windows that react to weather/sunlight.


DynDOLOD DLL is a SKSE plugin and its accompanying papyrus scripts that are used for DynDOLOD for dynamic LOD and the DynDOLOD SkyUI MCM.

DynDOLOD Patches

The DynDOLOD Patches contain patch files and papyrus script patches for a select list of mods.

DynDOLOD Resources

DynDOLOD Resources Core Files contains LOD assets required for object LOD and tree LOD generation.

Expert Mode

The expert mode allows executing LODGen again or updating texture atlasses without redoing the entire LOD generation process.

Game Mode

The game mode defines which game DynDOLOD or TexGen currently supports. It can be TES5, SSE, TES5VR, ENDERAL or ENDERALSE

Glow LOD

Glow LOD is a combination of different types of objects that one way or the other emit light.

Grass LOD

Grass LOD is done like ultra tree LOD in object LOD.

Large References

The large reference grid is a feature of Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim VR to show a select list of full models outside the active exterior cells.

Load/Overwrite Orders

The load order of mods and plugins determines which assets and plugins win conflicts.


LODGen is a command line tool that generates terrain and object LOD meshes.

Merged Plugins

If plugins are merged for which mesh mask rule files exist, make sure that those rules are now loaded for the merged plugin name.

Mod Configuration Menu

Explanations for the DynDOLOD SkyUI MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) for PapyrusUtil and DynDOLOD DLL.

Object Bounds

The object bounds are the values of a models bounding volume defined on a base record.

Object LOD

Object LOD are combined meshes and textures for objects that do not change and are not animated, like buildings or landscape features like mountains and rocks.

Occlusion Data

Occlusion data disables LOD that is occluded by terrain LOD.


Tips and explanations regarding performance.


A feature to generate distinct LOD files and data for different seasons.

Summary Of Messages

DynDOLOD and TexGen create a summary of some similar warning and error messages for easier review and better understanding.

Terrain Underside

The terrain underside helps to block sun-rays shining through terrain.


Texconv is a command line tool to convert textures to different formats.


TexGen is a tool which updates a select list of object LOD textures and tree/grass LOD billboards.

TexGen Configuration

Detailed information for configuration files and special models TexGen uses to create stitched and rendered object LOD textures and billboards.

Texture Resolution

Explanations how to determine the best texture resolution for the different types of LOD.

Tree LOD

Skyrim has a dedicated tree LOD system, which uses tree LOD billboard textures and specific data files (not meshes like terrain LOD or object LOD) to show tree LOD in the game.

Ultra Tree LOD

Ultra tree LOD or LOD trees in object LOD are the terms used for when LOD for trees is done in object LOD instead of the standard tree LOD system.

Wizard Mode

The wizard mode generates object, tree and dynamic LOD and occlusion data by selecting one of three quality presets.


xLODGen is a renamed xEdit to automatically start the -lodgen xEdit tool mode.