DynDOLOD Resources

DynDOLOD Resources Core Files contains LOD assets required for object LOD and tree LOD generation. It also contains papyrus scripts required for dynamic LOD.

DynDOLOD requires the Core Files of DynDOLOD Resources for Skyrim/Enderal or DynDOLOD Resources SE for Skyrim Special Edition/Enderal SE/Skyrim VR to be installed in the current load order.

In case of Enderal or Enderal SE the only useful options are the Low-Res LOD Textures and the Desync Birds of Prey.

DynDOLOD Resources should be installed as any other with the mod manager. The DynDOLOD Resources need to be active for LOD generation with DynDOLOD and stay active when using DynDOLOD output in the game.

Typically DynDOLOD Resources LOD assets should overwrite everything else unless another mod specifically instructs to overwrite DynDOLOD Resources. Refer to Load/Overwrite Orders for detailed explanations.

See Downloads where to acquire the installation archives.


Cores Files are always required.

Visual Options

Whiterun Exterior Grass contains a patch file that enables grass to be rendered outside the town walls when being inside the WhiterunWorld city worldspace.

Solitude Occlusion Planes contains a patch file for DynDOLOD.exe which adjusts and adds occlusion planes and boxes for better visuals past the walls when being inside the SolitudeWorld city worldspace.

High Hrothgar Windows Glow adds glowing windows to the full model and LOD model if generating LOD with the Window Glow option.

DLC2 Vvardenfell 3D Plume replaces the 2D plume of the Red Mountain with a 3D version.

The former Whiterun Exterior and Solitude Exterior patches have been replaced by the Parent > child copy feature. See Child/Parent Worldspace Copies for more.

Performance Options

Low-Res LOD Textures is a set of lower resolution single LOD textures typically used when building the LOD texture atlas. Leave unchecked to use the default resolution single LOD textures.

Misc Options

Desync Birds of Prey contains a patch file which randomizes the wing flapping of the birds so they don't look like a synchronized water ballet.

Holy Cow adds a holy cow to worship. It does nothing else. Any claims that the holy cow to worship is some kind of LOD test is made up nonsense. It is not LOD. Once the worshiping has commenced, the plugin can be removed at any time.


DynDOLOD checks if the Core Files have been installed and are the correct version.

Install the latest version of DynDOLOD Resources or DynDOLOD Resource SE and the latest version of the DynDOLOD Standalone. See Downloads for links.

If the version information or a required resource file can not be found, it means that the file with the version information or the resource file which are installed with the DynDOLOD Resources can not be found in the data folder (the standard OS functions which are used to check if a file exists returns a file not found error).

Remove any older versions from the load order.

Make sure the DynDOLOD Resources are installed and activated in the mod manager.

If the correct version has been installed, double check that the archive was downloaded completely and all Core Files installed completely. Mod managers or unpackers sometimes silently fail and do not fully unpack all files from archives.

Make sure to use the correct version of DynDOLOD.exe/DynDOLODx64.exe from the latest DynDOLOD Standalone version for which the DynDOLOD Resources or DynDOLOD Resource SE are intended. Typically use the latest DynDOLOD Standalone with the latest DynDOLOD Resources or DynDOLOD Resource SE.

Start the tools via the mod manager so they have access to the entire load order.

Restart the mod manager (or even the OS) to resolve temporary file access problems.

Make sure the (virtual and physical) paths of files are not exceeding the max length limitation.

If the mod manager replaces OS functions for file operations, check its log file. For example the usvfs-[year]-[month]-[day]_[hour]-[min]-[sec].log in the Mod Organizer log folder for the game instance. Enable debug logging in the Tools/Settings/Diagnostics so the log shows a line for every access.

If the shown game mode is wrong, start the tools in the desired game mode.

Verify that the correct game data folder is being used for the checks. Check the top of the log messages that the tools are started in the desired game mode and check that the correct game data path was found in the Windows registry key. For example:
Using Skyrim Special Edition Data Path: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\

Use the game launcher to update the Windows Registry key to the current path.

Make sure that file access is not being blocked by the OS, UAC, anti-vir etc.

Do not delete any files from the Core Files before or after LOD generation. Install DynDOLOD Resources with a mod manager to select the different install options.