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DynDOLOD - Dynamic Distant Objects LOD
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Load/Overwrite Orders

The load order of mods and plugins determines which assets and plugins win conflicts.

Unambiguous terms are loading before or after, lower or higher priority, something overwrites something else. Something loading after replaces something loading before it. Something having a higher priority means it loads after something with lower priority. Something overwriting something else is the most clear expression to convey what is winning a conflict.

Ambiguous terms like top or bottom are always confusing and became meaningless with mod managers that allow sorting lists by ascending or descending by different options.

Before Generation

TexGen generates object LOD textures and tree/grass LOD billboards from full models and full textures. Any existing LOD assets do not matter. What matters is previously generated TexGen output, which should be removed before running TexGen again. A warning message will notify the user if that is the case.

In order to generate LOD with DynDOLOD, several different resources are used. Lets separate the several resources and what they result in:

Since TexGen should be used to create all tree/grass LOD billboards there shouldn't be any billboards installed from mods. In case there are, they are typically overwritten by the TexGen output.

Object LOD models and textures included in DynDOLOD Resources need to overwrite any vanilla object LOD models. New lands mods often add the same vanilla LOD assets again for no apparent reason, but nevertheless, DynDOLOD Resources also need to overwrite them. This more or less happens automatically because the loose DynDOLOD Resource files overwrite any assets in BSAs.

If and only if a mod makes a specific note about its own LOD assets needing to overwrite DynDOLOD Resources, they need to be loose files and the mods instructions should be followed. Be aware though about outdated mods not specifically mentioning DynDOLOD 3 or newer versions. In case of question, use the official DynDOLOD support forum.

DynDOLOD Resources also contains a few updated full models and textures to fix various minor issues. They should overwrite unofficial patches and Skyrim particle patch for ENB. Typically they should be overwritten by other mods - sometimes at the expense of LOD maybe not matching as well anymore. This depends on user preference.

TexGen output needs to overwrite DynDOLOD Resources and also any other assets from other mods.

When updating, the existing DynDOLOD plugins need to load after any other plugins of the same type (e.g. DynDOLOD.esm after the highest priority ESM, DynDOLOD.esp with the highest priority possible). In case Occlusion.esp is to be updated as well, it needs to load after DynDOLOD.esp.

After Generation

Generated output should always overwrite everything else.

The generating plugins typically can be sorted by LOOT or manually if you know what you are doing. Occlusion.esp - if it was generated - should load after DynDOLOD.esp, both should be the last plugins after LOD generation.

When the plugins are generated, records from the last plugin that is the winning overwrite are copied to create the DynDOLOD plugins and Occlusion.esp. Sort and finalize the load order before generating the LOD patch. If any other plugins are added later consider to generate new output from scratch again.

It is also possible to manually patch the new conflicting records in the DynDOLOD plugins (or whatever plugin is the last to overwrite a record that requires the forwarding) or sort the plugin to load after the DynDOLOD plugins in case new LOD generation is not needed or wanted.