Textures Do Not Match

There are outdated LOD resources in the load order.

Install the latest DynDOLOD Resources.

Check if 3rd party LOD resources for mods have versions specifically for DynDOLOD 3 and install them instead of older versions.

Outdated LOD resources might still work fine in many cases, however if they replace newer versions included in DynDOLOD Resources or in 3rd party LOD resources specifically made for DynDOLOD 3, it is possible for object LOD not to match replaced texture sets.

Consider changing the overwrite order for the mentioned LOD models so that DynDOLOD Resources is the last to overwrite them.

See Load/Overwrite Orders.

If this is reported for LOD models included in latest version of DynDOLOD Resources and because the full model has been replaced by a mod, check the log for messages about LOD textures being created on-demand for the reported full texture or if the texture was part of the TexGen generation. Check if the LOD representation for the full model has matching textures to the full model in the game. In case there are visual discrepancies, make a post on the official DynDOLOD support forum to request updated LOD models for the mod. In addition to the usual logs, provide the name and link of the mod and install options if applicable.