Found *.[esm|esp|esl]

A superseded, unnecessary or problematic plugin has been found in the load order.

The message typically contains additional hints for the reason of the message and the required action.

DynDOLOD replaces it

The plugin is unnecessary when using DynDOLOD. The plugin might cause problems if kept in the load order. Typically the plugin and the mod containing it should be permanently removed.

It contains DynDOLOD|Occlusion as a master

The plugin contains a DynDOLOD plugin or Occlusion.esp as a master.

This can happen if a patch is generated after generating LOD patch with DynDOLOD. Typically all patches should be generated before generating the LOD patch with DynDOLOD. See the Generation Instructions.

Generally, automatically generated patch plugins requiring DynDOLOD or Occlusion.esp as a master become obsolete when updating or generating a new LOD patch with DynDOLOD. The patch plugin needs to be updated or generated from scratch as well.

This can happen if a confused user makes a patch for the automatically generated LOD patch instead of using the appropriate settings or does not report errors/problems or provides feedback to the official DynDOLOD support forum in order to improve the tools and processes per the requirements to use the tools. The generated LOD patch is not supposed be patched, obviously. See Mod Authors.

In case of problems or feedback, make a post on the official DynDOLOD support forum for qualified advice and to help the development of the tools.