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DynDOLOD - Dynamic Distant Objects LOD
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Plugin Limit

Skyrim, Skyrim VR and Enderal have a limit of 255 full plugins (ESM + ESP).

Skyrim Special Edition and Enderal SE have a limit of 254 full plugins (ESM + ESP) and 4096 light plugins (ESL). Make sure to SSE Engine fixes to increase the maximum number of file handles to avoid the false save corruption bug.

The game will start with too many plugins without any error messages and it might even work for a while before crashing or exhibiting severe errors.

In case the plugin limits are surpassed, execution of DynDOLOD will stop with a too many full modules message.

Disable, merge or in case of Skyrim Special Edition convert full plugins to light plugins if possible to reduce the number of full plugins.

Remember that there also needs to be room for adding one or two DynDOLOD plugins and maybe the Occlusion.esp.