Worldspace Editor ID Changed

The Editor ID of the winning overwrite for a worldspace record defines the filenames of LOD files.

Any changes to the Editor ID of worldpaces are most likely not intended and an error.

This can happen if a plugin/mod which was made for a different game (e.g. installing a mod made for Skyrim to Enderal) was installed. The unneeded worldspace and its data should probably be removed from the plugin altogether. The plugin/mod needs to be converted properly for the different game.

This can also happen if a patch or plugin is outdated after the master plugin of the mod adding the worldspace has been updated. In that case the Editor ID of the overwriting plugin should be fixed to be the same name as the LOD files. LOD files will not be loading properly if the names do not match.

In case the Editor ID of an worldspace is changed by a plugin on purpose, make a post on the official DynDOLOD support forum.