Message log window

While the tools run, they print message to the Messages window.

All messages are appended to ..\DynDOLOD\logs\[DynDOLOD|TexGen]_[GAME MODE]_log.txt when the tool is closed. A debug log of the last session is saved to ..\DynDOLOD\logs\[DynDOLOD|TexGen]_[GAME MODE]_debug_log.txt when the tool is closed.

There are 4 major types of messages: Information, <Notice>, <Warning> and <Error>.

Information messages start without any <> identifiers and simply give information about things or informs what process or action is started. They typically do not require an explanation and are not listed below.


Notices are additional messages about LOD generation to detail what happens with specific references or base records.

They are disabled by default. Set Notice=1 in ..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_[GAME MODE].ini to enable notices being printed to the log message window.

See Notices for their explanations.

Warning and Error Messages

Warning messages inform about issues that should be fixed. If they are ignored there might be visual or game play issues.

Error messages inform about issues that need to be fixed. If they are ignored the process might not be able to complete successfully and/or just like with warnings, there might be visual or game play issues including CTD.

Some errors stop the process with a dedicated pop-up window with further details and a Click on this link for additional explanations and help for this message link which directly opens a listed message below. Problems that stop the process are because of errors in the setup, mods, load order, unknown situations, bugs with the tools or third party issues (like OS, antivir, drivers, crapware, hardware etc.) that prevent a successful or safe LOD patch generation. As explained in the Generation Instructions, finalize the load order, install mods, sort and resolve conflicts. Clean and error check the load order with xEdit before generating LOD. Error checking the load order with xEdit will report many of the stop errors like unresolved Form ID in a single run. It also is possible to dry run most things a bit quicker by checking dynamic LOD only in the advanced mode.

For certain warning and error messages DynDOLOD and TexGen create a summary of messages and opens it in the default web browser.

All checks and resulting messages are related to the LOD patch generation. Ignore unqualified statements that claim otherwise or suggest that any of the reported facts are somehow false as they are an indicator that the LOD generation and patching processes are not properly understood. This also means that DynDOLOD does not do a comprehensive check of the entire load order or all assets. It only checks records and assets that are potentially eligible for LOD or which are used by records or assets eligible for LOD.

In case a message is not listed, needs further explanation, any help is required solving an issue or to report a problem, search for or report it on the official DynDOLOD support forum.

Temporarily disabling plugins or mods is a troubleshooting step and not a fix. If help fixing the cause of a message is required, make a report on the official DynDOLOD support forum.


A list of possible exceptions and their explanations.

Deleted Reference

The plugin needs to be cleaned. See xEdit Cleaning and Error Checking.

Duplicate Reference

A duplicate reference adds the same model at the same position, rotation and scale as another reference.

File Not Found Scripts

Missing scripts result in papyrus log error messages and most likely in mods not working as intended.

Invalid Script

The compiled papyrus *.PEX script is corrupted or not in the valid format.

LOD Model Not In 'LOD' Folder

Mods should be following standard file and path naming conventions established by Bethesda and as expected by the tools for better usability and compatibility.


TexGen and DynDOLOD use OpenGL to render, create and resize textures.

Radius 0.0

The model might be invisible in the game.

Record Is Being Overridden

A record is being overridden by a different type of record typically happens because of not properly converted plugins.

Root Block

The root node of a NIF for object models should typically be a BSFadeNode.

Terrain LOD Incorrect

Terrain LOD meshes were generated while a plugin or mod which was made for another game was installed.

TexGen Output

TexGen output refers to the installed mod made from the TexGen output folder.

Unresolved Form ID

Unresolved form ID errors signify records that try to use non-existing records in the same or master plugins.

Unused Data

This message is printed by the internal xEdit error check.