Invalid Object ID

The light plugin has a form ID outside the allowed range. Pay attention to similar LOOT messages.

Light modules are plugins flagged as ESL.

Light modules are a new feature introduced with Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.3 and later.

The error message ... has invalid ObjectID signifies that a light plugin contains a form ID outside the allowed range of xxxxx800 and xxxxxFFF for plugins version < 1.71 or xxxxx000 to xxxxxFFF for plugins version >= 1.71 (supported since runtime version 1.6.1130). Install Backported Extended ESL Support to use such plugins with older runtime versions or Skyrim VR ESL Support for Skyrim VR.

The mentioned plugin is broken and needs to be fixed.

Reinstall or install the latest version of the plugin. Notify the author of the plugin about the problem if the error persists.

The plugin should not be flagged as ESL or the form IDs need to be compacted. Pay attention to the explanations and warnings about compacting form IDs.

  • Open the broken ESL flagged plugin in xEdit.
  • Unset the ESL flag from the File Header - Record Flags.
  • Close xEdit and save the plugin.
  • Open the just saved plugin in xEdit.
  • Right click the plugin in the left tree view and select Compact FormIDs for ESL.
  • Set the ESL flag on the File Header - Records Flags.
  • Close xEdit and save the plugin.

If removing a plugin lets the process run through without issues, it means the plugin is broken.

Temporarily disabling plugins is a troubleshooting step and not a fix. Avoiding or silencing an error message does not fix the error.

Ignore suggestions to only temporarily disable plugins to complete the process or wrong claims that the plugin is fine to use.

Fix the error or permanently remove the broken plugin. Broken plugins should never be used in the game.