Worldspace Bounds

Worldspace record in xEdit

The worldspace bounds define the dimension of a worldspace and are defined by minimum south-west and maximum north-east cell coordinates.

Generally the dimensions should not exceed 256 x 256 cells. For example, it is the max size of the Occlusion data can cover.

A warning is written to the log if a dimensions exceeds this value. An error message is shown in case the size is larger than 512.

Sometimes plugins contain unintentional wild edits that raise the dimensions to larger values. If the dimensions are just a couple cells larger than 256 for the major worldspaces it might be intentional, especially if the plugin is known to edit border regions or distant areas.

If it seems like an unintentional wild edit, notify the mod author about the error.

Large values cause performance issues.

Fix the error or do not select the worldspace for LOD generation.

The worldspace bounds can be updated with xEdit:

  • Load the plugin mentioned in the error message.
  • Open the worldspace record by entering the form ID of the worldspace mentioned in the error message into the form ID field top left. Hit the Enter key.
  • In the right window, scroll right to the column of the plugin.
  • In the right window, scroll down to the rows for Objects Bounds. Unfold Object Bounds, NAM0 - Min and NAM9 - Max.
  • Right click a value and select edit and enter a suitable number. In case it is a overwrite record, use a number from the master plugin as a guideline.
  • Click OK or hit the Enter key.
  • Save the changed plugin.

In addition, optionally, in the left tree view unfold the worldspace, investigate and remove (right click cell in left tree view) the cells in Blocks with numbers <= -4 or >= 4 in case they are clearly unintentional edits.