Can Not Copy Resource

A problem happened while trying to copy an asset from an BSA or the data folder.

Obliviously check that the source file exists, can be read and that the target path can be written to.

For example, use the xEdit Asset Browser to filter for the source file and use right click save as to write the file. The first mentioned container is the one with the highest priority.

The last part of the message contains the error message from the OS.

The system cannot find the path specified

The OS, UAC, antivir or some other 3rd party crap ware is blocking write access to the mentioned destination path. Add an exception to whatever it is that is blocking access.

It is also possible another process or program is accessing the same folder or file and this is preventing write access. In case the closing of other programs does not help, a reboot typically clears such issues.

Remove old files from the destination/output path, which might prevent creating the new files because they are blocked by other programs.