Record Is Being Overridden

The error message Record * in file * is being overridden by record * in file * signifies that a plugin erroneously overwrites a master record with a different type of record.

In the best case scenario these errors cause CTD. In the worst case scenario these errors cause mysterious and hard to troubleshoot issues only once the affected records are used dozens of hours into the game.

Depending on the record type, the engine might be using the original record, while the plugin that is doing the overwriting is not going to work properly because its record is being ignored or the engine uses the data from the overwriting plugin, potentially causing problems if other records, scripts etc. rely on data types from the original record.

This error is reported by xEdit while the overwriting plugin is loaded. The xEdit error check does not report this type of problem, since the records and data itself is valid.

For example, this can happen in case compacting form IDs for light plugin was not done or went wrong. For plugins version 1.7 used by runtimes versions prior 1.6.1130, the valid form ID range for new master records starts at 0x800. Any form ID below 0x800 in any plugin automatically overwrites records in Skyrim.esm or hardcoded records from the game *.EXE file. Make sure there are no unintentional overwrites of records that change their type and that the form IDs of new master records start at 0x800. Starting with runtime version 1.6.1130, plugins with the version 1.71 can use form ID in the range 0x000 to 0x800. Install Backported Extended ESL Support to use such plugins with older runtime versions or Skyrim VR ESL Support for Skyrim VR.

For example, this can happen if a plugin overwrites a record in another plugin and that plugin was updated later.

For example, this can happen in case a plugin injects records into another plugin and accidentally overwrites master records because that plugin was updated later.

For example, this can happen if a plugin was made for Skyrim but installed to Enderal without the plugin being properly converted.

For example, this can happen if a plugin replaces actor references with static references instead of disabling the actor reference and adding the static reference as a new record instead.

The mentioned plugin is broken and needs to be fixed or there is an incompatibility in the load order between two plugins trying to inject records with the same form id into another plugin.

If trying to look up the mentioned records in xEdit, adjust the load order ID (the first 2 digits for a full plugin or 5 digits for light plugin) to the actual file ID of the plugin when it is loaded into xEdit.

Reinstall or install the latest version of the plugin. Notify the author of the plugin about the problem if the error persists.

If removing a plugin lets the process run through without issues, it means the plugin is broken.

Temporarily disabling plugins is a troubleshooting step and not a fix. Avoiding or silencing an error message does not fix the error.

Ignore suggestions to only temporarily disable plugins to complete the process or claims that the plugin is fine to use.

Fix the error or permanently remove the broken plugin. Broken plugins should never be used in the game.