For all intends and purposes, LOD and its generation works the same for each supported game mode.

Obviously different versions of the requirements need to be downloaded and installed. Enderal itself already includes or requires some of the same requirements as DynDOLOD. For example SKSE, which is consequently not listed again as it is already installed.

The Steam versions have their own game mode identifiers. If Enderal is installed as a mod, start the tools in their native game mode. In either case, the tools will use settings, configs and rules files with the ENDERAL or ENDERALSE game mode identifier.

The Steam version of Enderal is based on Skyrim, while the Steam version of Enderal SE is based on Skyrim Special Edition. The respective explanations apply.

Enderal contains quite a few new assets and lots of them with LOD. The Core Files from DynDOLOD Resources fixes and improves some of these LOD assets (probably due to last minute changes), make use of unused LOD assets (probably due to CK LOD restrictions) and add new LOD models and textures for some buildings and landscape objects that didn't have any before. Most noticeable the Myrads towers or the Malphas statues.

Not all new buildings will have working glow LOD windows as of now. There are still objects that could use a LOD representation. However, LOD is very noticeably improved by a couple orders of a magnitude just like in Skyrim.

There is no scanning for additional LOD objects in the city child worlds, yet. Existing LOD seems OK and the whole area does not really need more objects to work on. As a result the checkbox Fake Lights child world in the advanced mode has no effect at the moment.

DynDOLOD will automatically enable occlusion data generation into DynDOLOD.esp. This can be changed in the advanced mode.

Enderal has its own gamer launcher, though it is suggested to use a mod manager with a different profile to be able to setup, generate and use DynDOLOD safely just like with Skyrim. As always, instructions are general and the user is expected to apply them to the mod manager of their choice.


The default configuration of Enderal and setup includes questionable INI settings and outdated plugins that can cause performance and stability problems. Regardless of using DynDOLOD or not, it is suggested to fix the included Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini with BethINI. It is also suggested to optimize the Enderal textures if texture memory and the lack of mipmaps or the lack of texture compression causes problems.

Also doublecheck the use and settings of OneTweak, windowed/full screen mode. Update PapyrusUtil to a newer version that fixes certain CTD problems. Adjust memory patch if needed (check usage with Memory Blocks Log) or use Crash Fixes alternative OSAllocators. The use of a correctly configured ENBoost is highly recommended as well.

Enderal SE

Currently, the Enderal SE version does not contain any large references, so only the DynDOLOD.esp is generated. To change this set IgnoreLargeReferences=0 in '..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_ENDERALSE.ini'. If DynDOLOD DLL NG is installed, then IgnoreLargeReferences=0 is enforced automatically.

Enderal SE includes object LOD and tree LOD generated by DynDOLOD. However, generating LOD for the current load order with dynamic LOD and occlusion data generation is highly recommended.

Enderal SE includes object LOD textures generated with TexGen without the CreateMod=1 setting set in the TexGen INI. That means that TexGen will inform about TexGen output already existing and suggests to remove it. At the moment, the only option is to click Ignore to continue as it is impossible to remove the individual object LOD textures only.