Combine Worldspaces for LOD

Combining worldspaces for LOD is a xLODGen/DynDOLOD feature that uses the cell, land and reference data from a source worldspace to generate LOD for it inside the LOD in a destination worldspace.

For example, include the LOD for the Solstheim island in the north east of the Sea of Ghosts when generating LOD for Tamriel.

This feature is mainly intended to be able to generate a large map of combined worldspaces, which are all in "Tamriel" but are separated because of engine limitations.

DynDOLOD uses the same .\Data\LODSettings\LODGen\[worldspace editor ID]_Combine.INI files as xLODGen to combine worldspaces.

Refer to the Combine-Worldspaces-Readme.txt in the xLODGen download archive for more information, including a working example.

No cell, land or reference records are being copied. The records from the source worldspace are just being used to fill or replace data in the destination worldspace for LOD generation and occlusion generation.

As usual, generate terrain LOD with xLODGen before generating object LOD with DynDOLOD.

DynDOLOD will reuse the data from the export files for LODGen to combine the object LOD for worldspaces. This means the object LOD of all combined worldspaces is generated, even if a source worldspace is not selected in the worldspaces selection. The object LOD atlas texture from a source worldspace is reused in the destination worldspace as well.

This a new feature. In case of problems or questions make a post on the official DynDOLOD support forum.