Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

The available download archives of Beyond Skyrim - Bruma do not contain all the cells, references or LOD assets that were used to generate the included LOD. There are many missing meshes and textures.

This mostly affects the southern non-accessible area of the BSHeartland worldspace and LOD generation for it.

xLODGen or DynDOLOD can only generate LOD for trees and objects for which references exist in the plugins. Terrain LOD can only be generated for cell and landscape data that exists in the plugins. For users generating their own LOD to match their load order this has some side effects:

  • If generating tree LOD, the existing tree LOD files in the south will not be overwritten. They may use the wrong LOD tree from the index, but overall that should be OK, since the player wont get there.
  • If generating object LOD, the map and the higher LOD levels will miss some objects to the south which are part of the included object LOD. Unfortunately the missing cell data does not cut off at a 32 cell group, so there is a obvious gab when it is known what to look for.
  • File not found errors are because not all required assets for LOD generation ship with the mod.

By default the BSHeartland worldspace is ignored. To enable the worldspace, edit ..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\Configs\DynDOLOD_[GAME MODE]_worldspace_ignore.txt and remove/change the line "BSHeartland (Tamriel) - bsheartland.esm". Just adding an X in front would be enough for it to show in the world selection drop down again.

Also see this thread. Remember that TexGen now generates billboards and thus installing 3rd party billboards is not required anymore.

3rd Party Mods

Imperial City LOD fix for custom lods (Beyond skyrim Bruma)